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Quick Details

  • Flawless eSports are a multi-gaming organisation, competing on Console platforms, established in 2012.
  • FlawLess Gaming is a new Playstation 3 organisation which would like to achieve the very best in all competitions they compete in.
  • Founder and Managing Director
  • UK Michael "Fubar" Slack
Team FlawLess News
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FlawLess Joins Social Network
wuc website news

We have now officially joined the Social Network, As many other teams are also on the social network site, we had to be apart of the website and community. As Facebook is widely known around the world we couldn't say no to what could improve the stature and structure of this eSports Team.

The Social Network will provide all teams with the official logo of the Team, along with Online Social Gaming Site Platoons logo.

Facebook Page!

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By England Fubar in Updates on Saturday 01 December @ 23:41
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Server Goes Live!
wuc server news

Its Official, today the Team FlawLess Battlefield 3 server goes live for the first time in Team History, The Server offers all types of game modes from Team Deathmatch to Premium Rush. It provides another new step in the teams ever growing stature in the Playstation 3 Community.

The Battlefield 3 Team will use this server not only to play in public matches but also to train when they are scheduled too, and they will also use it to provide a base to play clan matches and to hopefully gain so much needed experience and players.

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By England Fubar in Server on Friday 30 November @ 18:25
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All New and Improved Website
wuc General News

Welcome to the All new and Improved Team FlawLess Website, After many long weeks of contemplating weather or not a website should be created for such a small team within the playstation community, it was finally decided on the 29th November 2012 that the team required to improve its structure and popularity it had to be created.

After Many Weeks of trying to find a cheap and cost effective way of building a website for the team, Team FlawLess Came across Xippy (, and ordered their new website with immediate publication to go live.

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By England Fubar in General Information on Friday 30 November @ 17:56
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